Are there any hidden costs?

We don’t charge any more than our advertised flat fees, but your State will charge a fee starting at $50.00 for their costs.  Your total fees will be disclosed to you prior to assessing any charges.  With your final documentation package, you’ll receive two receipts: one for our service and one from your State.

Can I check my order status?

Yes, at any time, you may email (at service@corpfile.com) or call (at 800-644-1182) our service team, and we’ll provide you with an up-to-date order status.

 Do I have to complete the online order form?

 No.  There are three easy ways to get started.  Of course, you can always complete the online form, as it takes a mere five minutes.  Alternatively, you can download our offline order form and fax it in to us at or email it to us at service@corpfile.com.  You can also place an order by phone by calling us at 800-644-1182.

Do I need to sign any physical documents?

No.  We are a limited power of attorney-driven service provider.  This means we will sign your documents on your behalf.

How long will it take to process my order?

State processing times vary, but on our end, you will have confirmation of your order being submitted in 24-48 hours.  View our State-specific information page for State filing fees and processing times.

 How will I receive my documentation?

Upon completion of your order, you will receive an email from our service team with a digital copy of all of your documents.  For most States, you will receive these items in approximately 7-10 days.  We will store these on our secure digital archive server for up to two years.  If necessary, we can mail you a physical copy bound in a three-ring binder for an additional $25.00.

What are the filing fees in my State?

You can visit our nifty State filing fees page for a table with fees for all 50 States and the District of Columbia.

What if I make a mistake?

It is important to double-check all information provided through our order form prior to submission, as errors can cause delays.  Nonetheless, we know that mistakes happen.  If you sign up for our Maintenance package, we will correct any errors and provide unlimited changes/amendments throughout each year of subscription at no additional cost above your State’s fees.  Otherwise, we can submit corrected orders at a flat fee of $45.00 per filing.

What if the name I chose is taken?

One of the first parts of our process includes a name availability search wherein we cross check your chosen name against existing business names.  Should your name be unavailable, our Service Team will contact you by phone and email to have you select an alternative one.  We recommend choosing a name you’re confident is unique to avoid this possibility.

What makes CorpFile different than other business registration services?

We like to think our attention to detail and customer-centric Service Team make us the best in the business, but there are a number of reasons to choose us.  For starters, our competitors all either charge more or offer a smaller value proposition at the same price point.  Most companies’ basic packages are nothing more than templates you can download online for free.  We allow unlimited customizations because we believe your entity formation should reflect your business and not a mass-produced template.

From a compliance standpoint, our Maintenance package is more than just having your business registration and annual reporting on auto-pilot.  Anyone can offer to renew your business each year.  We keep up with State changes and engage you in the important questions, so you know that your report isn’t just filed, but accurately reflects your business’s present state of affairs.  What’s more, we lock you in at a lifetime annual rate, so your cost with us never increases.

Where are you located?

Our office is located in beautiful Portland, Oregon, but we service customers nationwide.

Why should I register my business; is it always required?

While it’s true that some States do not require you to register your business—especially if you operate under your own personal name—registration is a critical first step to establishing legitimacy, maintaining privacy, and separating your personal life from your commercial one.  With corporations and LLC’s, it can also be a key means of protecting personal assets from liabilities arising from the business’s operation.

Why would I need an Employer Identification/Tax ID Number?

Unless you’re a sole proprietor, you can expect most banks and financial institutions to require a tax identification number of some sort for you to business with them as an entity—whether it’s to open a checking account or apply for credit.  Moreover, depending on your Federal and State income tax requirements and payroll plans, you can expect to need a tax ID number to be compliant.  This service is highly recommended.

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