How it Works

Step 1: Name Availability Search

We cross reference your desired name with State databases and receive confirmation of its availability.  Next, we reserve the name for your business.  If your name is unavailable, we report back to you for a second choice.

Step 2: Preparation of Filing Documents

Using the customization specified by you, along with the required filings and resolutions in your State or jurisdiction, we prepare all of the needed documents to establish your business as a legal entity.

Step 3: Filing Phase

We provide all needed documents to the State and await their processing of paperwork.  At this phase we remit all State fees and, if you’re utilizing our CorpFile Maintenance Package, we sign on as your Registered Agent.

Step 4: Confirmation

Upon receipt of confirmation from your State, we package proof of submission, formation documents, and your business’s unique date stamped registry, and submit these items to you electronically.  We retain your records for two years from the date of filing.

Step 5: Maintenance

If you’re a CorpFile Maintenance customer, we provide annual (or biennial) reminders for annual reports, and walk you through keeping your business registration active and in good standing.  If there are changes in business purpose, location, ownership, or corporate structure, we file the appropriate amendment documentation on your behalf.

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