How we Compare

Business registration is a niche service, and, as a result there aren’t nearly as many choices for prospective customers.  This has led to the creation of a watered-down service model for our competitors where they offer barebones filing and charge a la carte for every customization OR where they pad their service with costs for things like providing your documents electronically.

Take a look at how we stack up against the competition!

Competitor #1 Competitor #2
Custom resolutions Extra Fee Free Extra Fee
Electronic delivery of documentation Extra Fee Free Extra Fee
Employer Identification/ Tax ID # Extra Fee Free with Pro Package Extra Fee
Foreign Entity Registration Same price as Domestic $40 per State Same price as Domestic
Sole Proprietor Registration Not Offered Available for all packages Only available in basic package
Turnaround times Artifically inflated, longer than actual State guidelines 24-48 hours to file + State processing time Extra fee for 24-48 hour turnaround
Unlimited changes with Maintenance Package Charged per filing Free Not offered

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